Greetings 21st Century Christian,


Thank you for seeking out A Faith Filled Word, where we offer a New Testament mindset, with an Old Testament Zeal. Among other things you will find our quarterly publication No New Gospel, our blog The Blog of Faith and Resources to aid you in your Christian walk. We look forward to your blog of faith, as well as your response to the articles in our magazine by way of our blog site.


This site is designed to provide an alternative to “Christianity as usual.” We are here for such a time as this: When the System(s) in place have ushered in every device known to man to draw people away from the truth of God’s word.


Therefore, we will be a lifeline for those looking for the unfound answers of our day. In so doing we will assist in increasing confidence in Jesus Christ and his cross. Thereby we will aggressively provide a means of hope and faith to make strong those who desire to “leave the principles of the doctrine of Christ,” and “go on to perfection”.


The time for passivity is over !



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